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Honorable Parents and dear Students, "Building Friend­ship Bridges" was the theme we adopted for our brand new school when we gave a thought to open the school. These bridges of friend­ship have different dimensions; such as the strong connection between the quality education and knowledgeable learners, the rapport between teachers-parents-students, the authenticity of modern teaching strategies and quality of conducting proper education, the commitment of building a community of responsible and compassionate lifelong learners who are the next generation to lead the future globally.

We dreamt of providing the best education towards our students and prepare them as global citizens and thus we became risk-takers and took a new challenge which is named as "Wordbridge School".

Wordbridge is a complete combination of experi­enced, skilled and potential educators which can be anyone's desired school. Our faculty members are passionate and enthusiastic about quality education; they are always ready to give priority to the learners and support the parents. We are providing modern teaching and classroom environment as well as useful resources which work as motivation towards the learners, teachers and parents.

As a management body, I would like to request the parents, students, teachers and other family mem­bers of Wordbridge School to give us suggestions if we need to work on any issue, your valuable sugges­tions would be highly appreciated. Thank you

Debashish Saha
Managing Partner
Wordbridge School

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